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D. fulgens (again...)

Gunnar, I think you found the correct answer! As you have pointed out in
your previous messages, the collectors (of LEC) listed the fish from loc. 6
as D. georgiae (and like this it is listed in Killidata 96 and Langtons
compilation), but it seems that already the first breeders gave the fish of
loc 6 further as D. fulgens! So most probably the fish were identified in
the field as D. georgiae but later in the aquarium they turned out to be
fulgens! This seems to me a quite plausible explanation for several reasons:
To misidentify not fully colored fulgens as georgie is very easy. (I have
talked yesterday to a friend who has collected himself fish along the road
between Makokou and Ovan and he confirmed to me that sometimes they had to
collect up to 50 fish until they caught a fully grown up male that would
allow the identification!) From the geographic position, I think
theoretically at loc 6 fulgens OR georgiae could be expected. (Acording to
Killidata, Road Makokou to Ovan: km 73, georgiae (PEG 94/10); 70 km,
georgiae; km 64, georgiae (LEC 93/10); km 60, fulgens (LEC 93/9); km 56,
fulgens (PEG 94/7); km 52, fulgens; km 48.5 fulgens (LEC 93/7); 47 km
fulgens; km30+ (Adoue), FULGENS/GEORGIAE??? (LEC 93/6); (more georgiae east
of Makokou) Looking at this data, fulgens seems to me even more probable for
loc 6. Finally, a last hint that the story could be like this is that there
seems to be no D. georgiae LEC 93/6 in the hobby - at least I could not find
it in any listing of an auction or species census. Even in the DKG
compilation "Liste der Killifische" from 96 there are NO georgiae LEC 93/6
listed BUT fulgens LEC 93/6!

So, for the future I will consider the code "LEC 93/6" as correct for my D.
fulgens (...and the entry in Killidata 96 as a mistake) - at least as long
as nobody is coming up with better evidence that will proof me wrong. Thanks
to all, particularly Gunnar,  that helped me with the problem!

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