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Aquarium Log

This is a chronological log of all measurements, changes, and observations relating to this tank. Also check out the coral growth log for the Acropora Challenge.

1993 log entries


Add algae blennie, Salarius fasciatus

Changed actinic bulbs, replaced failed QuietOne pump. Water testing: S.G.=1.0205, temp=77.5, alk=7.0 dKH, pH=8.1, nitrate=0, Ca=516ppm.
Missing log entries
Did water testing to fill out forms for Acropora Challenge. S.G.=1.026 (high!), nitrate < 0.25ppm, pH 8.2 (a little low, should add more buffer & kalkwasser), alk=7 dKH, Ca+ = 500ppm (this is surpisingly high; good thing I've quit using CaCl2), temp 78. Following testing I dropped the salinity a little by removing a gallon a saltwater and replacing with freshwater, and added more buffer and kalkwasser. Lobophyllia seems happier an hour later.
Received coral fragments of Acrpoora microphthalma, A. elseyi, Pavona cactus, and Montipora digitata. Also added 4 very small limpets and 8 astrea snails.
Attached new coral fragments to rocks with rubber bands. Shot video pictures of them with rulers to document growth. Tested pH = 8.3, alk = 7.5 dKH, salinity = 1.026 S.G. (still too high, will have to adjust)
Pavona coral came loose from rock. It landed near the elegance coral, but I don't think they touched. I replaced it, wrapping rubber bands more firmly this time. If it slips again, I will find marine epoxy. I added another powerhead for greater current, but it was actually too much (yellow polyps and elegance were unhappy, tang was even skittish), so I shut it off. I think I need more current, but a less powerful PH than the one I used.
Added a Tridacna crocea clam. Also finally got a wavemaker, currently set to randomly switch 3 power heads at 1 minute intervals.
Now dosing with Combisan instead of separate iodine and strontium additives. The bottle says to start at a drop per gallon per week, and work up to a final dosage of 2-3 times that; that works out to about 1 teaspoon for my tank/week.
Dosing the Combisan at 1/2 teaspoon every other day now.
Added 3 Astrea tecta snails, Cladiella soft coral attached to live rock.
Added mandarin fish. Used marine epoxy to glue down the coral fragments, which weren't staying in place well enough with rubber bands.
Performed a 6 gallon water change.
Tests-- pH 8.4, alk 6.0 dKH, Ca+ 516 ppm, Nitrate < 0.25ppm, S.G. 1.026, temp 78F
Discovered something has been attacking the Pavona cactus coral. Numerous small chips are missing from the upper edges. A number of them are littering the live rock below the coral. Don't know what's doing this.
Replaced the almost 2 year old MH lights with new bulbs. It is much much brighter, and somewhat yellowish as well. Hopefully the bulbs will soon stabilize and be less yellow.
Water tests: pH 8.4, temp 77.2F, S.G. 1.026, nitrate < 0.25ppm, Calcium 567ppm, total alkalinity 7.56 dKH.
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