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Re: Esha test kit

Hi Glen;

>I assume the test kit is by Esha. These are great for the convenience but
>(having used them for a while) I use them just as a guideline. 
>This sounds like a contradiction but basically because of there ease of use
>they do have a function in my housekeeping. For water hardness and PH I do
>tend to use specific kit's simply because I have noticed a difference.
>German Ram's just means that they have been bred in Germany. We seem to do
>this a lot in the UK. I have some and they seem to be more resilient than
>normal Ram's although they might not like the addition of Sodium

The Esha testkit is pretty much useless. The only accurate reading you get
is for NO3. NO2 is useless, pH and KH don't work, and GH is a very rough
approximation. Don't waste your money on it.

Best regards