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Re: CO2 Measurements

Ivo Busko wrote

>Yes, alkalinity stayed around 5.0 - 5.5
all the time. So did gH (about 9).
>I think the amount of peat was too
small to decrease gH by a significant
>level, which was my original intent.
The substrate has something in it that
>slowly increases hardness and
alkalinity in the water, and I was
>with peat to try to control that
tendency. With that small amount of peat
>observed an actual slight *increase* in
kH from the tap water value 5.0 to
>something like 5.5 in about two weeks,
changing the peat in the bag every few
>days or so. With no peat the hardness
goes to about 6 in two weeks.

Under these conditions, did your pH
still drop the same amount when the same
amount of CO2 was injected when compared
to the pH drop due to CO2 injection when
you did not add peat? I am still
thinking that CO2 concentration can be
estimated regardless of the presence of
non-carbonate buffers by comparing a
sample of tank water that is in
equilibrium with the atmosphere to a
sample of CO2 injected tank water. If
any sample of water in equilibrium with
the atmosphere has the same
concentration of CO2 then this would be
true wouldn't it?