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Re: Feeding time

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Mark Pan wrote:

> For me, I always think of how the fish would perform in the wild. Would it
> get food twice a day? Would they get food everyday? I reckon not.

When I observe fish in the wild they seem to be feeding frequently - some
almost constantly.  This probably isn't true of oceanic pelagic predators,
but then that isn't what I keep.  How often do you suppose researchers do
gut-content studies and come up blank?  I've never heard of it.

The question in this thread probably shouldn't be *how often* one feeds,
but how much you feed and what you feed.

You can feed your fish past satiation twice a week and get wasted food and
pollution or you can feed the same amount gradually over the same period
with little or no waste and no pollution.

You can also feed a large amount of low-calorie food and produce a lot of
waste and little fish growth or you can feed a smaller amount of
high-calorie food and get little waste, healthy fish and more growth.

Frequency of feeding alone doesn't address the issue.

Roger Miller