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IceCap 175 and 6500K lamps - bad combo

Tom wrote:

"Anyone using IceCap 175MH electronic ballasts with a 6500K bulbs and
get them to work consistently?  I am having some problems getting my IceCap
175MH electronic ballasts and Coralife 6500K bulbs to strike consistently
when flipped on?"

The IceCap 175 watt MH electronic ballast will not properly operate the
Coralife 6500K lamps.  Both IceCap and Champion Lighting may deny this, but
the problems with this combo are widespread.  Which is a shame because it's
a great lamp (even for being a Coralife) and a great ballast (mine ran a
10000K beautifully).  Maybe the 250 watt Iwasaki lamp? 

Tom W.