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Re: worms in substrate

> Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 16:41:04 -0500
> From: "Jamie Johnson" <jjohnson at davisfloyd_com>
> Subject: Re: worms in substrate
>  Ng Chee Pang wrote:
> > Hi all, recently I have discovered a few worms in my substrate 


> Chee,
> Sounds like you figured it out yourself. Flatworms or planaria. 


> ... From what
> I've read and what we've discussed here, they're pretty harmless.
> They have never caused me any problems. Check out the archives
> on the APD and search on 'planaria'. More inquisitive than
> dangerous...

Then the archives are in urgent need of updating. Planaria are voracious egg
eaters and aren't always easy to eliminate in planted tanks where you wish
fish to propagate. I have successfully used commercial 37% formaldehyde to
eventually eliminate them, using treatment much like for hydra (who are a
danger to the fish larvae stage).


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