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Feeding Time

> Biplane10 at aol_com wrote:
> I feed in one tank 2 x/day, and another tank, where I try to prevent some 
> herbivorous fish from eating my plants, 3x/day. I'd suggest once a day as
> minimum.  This feeding regiment necessitates regular water changes . . . 
> your nitrates are low enough that it appears you're keeping on top of

Just to over-simplify things, nitrates are the end-product of fish waste and
plant detritus.  Fortunately for us, plants like the stuff.  Phoshates are a
component of fish foods and by extension, fish waste, and algae loves the
stuff.  Fortunately for us, plants do too.

Unfortunately plants can't use as much phosphate as they can nitrate, and
they like to use them together.  This is why phosphate-limiting one's tank
can be benefitial.  When there's not enough phosphate around, the plants can
suck it all up (plus a correspoinding amount of nitrate) providing other
environmental factors are right (high-level lighting, CO2, etc.),  This
results in zero phosphate and excess nitrate, which doesn't encourage
anywhere near the amount of algae growth as the other way around (zero
nitrate and excess phosphate).

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