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Feeding fish

Not that I want to start a long painful thread but I do have to agree
that a hungry fish is healthy.  Many fish will eat way past what is
healthy for them. In the wild, they regularly go days/weeks without
food.  If excessive, granted it will kill them but eating periodically
gives their digestive tracts a chance to clear.  In some of the Tropheus
(cichids), it is not important, it is imperative.  If fed too much, they
develop bloat and can die.  I think the key is moderation.  Some of the
fancy goldfish can not even keep themselves upright due to excessive
food and pre-existing swim bladder issues. IMHO, as long as you aren't
extreme either direction, you should be fine.  Just remember, if you do
go  over the deep end on feeding, you risk uneaten food on bottom to
foul the water.  Excessive ammonia will be produced from the fish and
waste and you will have to do even more water changes and checks.

I think the key is moderation personally.  Just my 2 cents.