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The end of the Yeast

Does anyone know what gases Yeast gives off when the colony dies? Mine just 
stopped bubbling, so I took the lid off and had a sniff, and nearly fell 
over! Pheeew! Alcohol fumes & (I guess) hydrogen sulphide(Rotten egg smell)? 
plus some residual C02, enough to floor anyone. But...Does hydrogen sulphide 
dissolve in water? will this poison the tank? or if that isn't what is 
produced, will what ever IS produced affect the tank? sorry to fire off so 
many questions, but my tank is looking Mighty Fine and I want it to stay that 
way :)
Thanks again,
PS the sodium bicarbonate did the trick, KH is now at about 4-5 degrees ( I 
think it was maybe 1-2 before, I may have misread the kit which is indeed 
from Esha), pH is at 7. Rams eating voraciously as are cories. Few too many 
nitrates/nitrites though....water changes ahoy!