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Re: worms in substrate

 Ng Chee Pang wrote:
> Hi all, recently I have discovered a few worms in my substrate after I
> started feeding tubifex worms. These are red in color (slightly brighter red
> than tubifex), each about 2-3 cm long, slightly flattened along its length
> and glides on solid surface (instead of wriggling like a tubifex). The head
> is tapered like a flatworm, and when you cut it into 2, you simply get 2
> smaller worms.
Sounds like you figured it out yourself. Flatworms or planaria. I've 
got 'em too. I've had 'em about a year or more and I really noticed 
them when I do a 25% water change. I simply don't know where 
they hide, though. My gravel isn't disturbed during the water 
change, so they must come from my filter bag. I only see them 
then, eventhough they're probably a gazillion of them in the gravel. 
My young convict cichlids will clear them out in no time. From what 
I've read and what we've discussed here, they're pretty harmless. 
They have never caused me any problems. Check out the archives 
on the APD and search on 'planaria'. More inquisitive than 

Jamie    <"\\\><