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>P.S.  Considering the possibility of DIY CO2.  Comments, suggestions?

>Heather :))))

Hi Heather-

I have been using DIY CO2 for a little over a month.  What I have run
into is extreme fluctuations in levels of CO2.  It just about gasses the
fish out of a 60 gallon tank when I first mix it, but later in the
month, it barely supplies a 10 gallon tank.  For the littler tanks in
the house, I siliconed suction cups to glass jars, and stick them to the
glass upsidedown, low to the bottom, and somewhere invisible.  Then I
feed an airline from the CO2 into the glass jar, and let it fill.  Then
I take out the airline, and just let that measured amount of CO2
dissolve into the tank throughout the day. Yes, its a bunch of fiddling
each morning to fill each tank's jar, but its MUCH more stable that way. 
For the big tank, I have decided that bottled, pressurized CO2 is the
only way.  I can't keep a reasonably stable pH with DIY CO2. 

One other thing... a bit of yeast nutrient added (say, 1/4 t.) to your
mix will make a more steady production of CO2.  You can pick up the
yeast nutrient very cheaply at any hardware store that carries wine
making supplies.  One of the reasons I believe I get such violent levels
of CO2 out of my mix is because of high altitude.  If you are close to
sea level, you will have less to worry about.