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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1412

> Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 12:18:35 -0500
> Subject: UGFs
	> Tom said
> > >>>>
> > Holes??   Anyway, UGFs have long been regarded as NOT very useful
> and
> > non-conducive for long-term, stable (like 5+ years without total
> > tear-down),
> > planted tanks by many plant tank novices and experts,<<<<
> Ray Pollett <112221.73 at compuserve_com> replied:
> > True many falsely believe this. I know of many that have been run
> for many
> > years with no trouble. I have had a number that ran for 9 or more
> years
> > without any trouble. Having said that, I will say it is not my first
> choice
> > for people new to planted tanks unless space is a constaint. Were
> there is
> > no room for a filter outside a tank. 
< big snip >

I have a 45g hex that's almost 10 years old with UGF (one 
power head) and active plant growth.  Lately, it's mostly 
java fern and moss and a few crypts or other broad leaves 
because of lower light.  

Father forgive me, it's been six years since my last water
change.  The rosy barbs are still breeding in there, though.

My 180g is ?6-7 years old, with an inactive UGF (inactive
for 6 years now).  Everything grows or breeds in there.
I have open access to the glass bottom of the tank...
there's very little mulm or detritus there.  I can take
pictures if you want (it's a 3/4" space, nylon screen over 
egg-crate), followed by 2-3mm gravel and vermiculite).

Most of my tanks have nothing but substrate.  A couple
have external filtration.  I suppose my preference is no UGF,
except I like the idea of dosing under the substrate so low
flow RUGF is still interesting to me.

charleyb at cytomation_com