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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1414


This is a big tank (and will be a lot of fun), but to hassle with the
ballasts and fixtures for 16 48" bulbs?  You may want to consider buying or
building a hood and mount 4 or 6(=better 3watts/gal),  96w power compacts.
Even better, go with an open top tank  using 4 175w MH pendants.  There are
a lot of places to find what you are looking for on the web. To name a few:

http://www.ahsupply.com  (Power Compact Kits - super bargain)
http://www.championlighting.com (Lots MH and PC and other various kits to
choose from)
http://aquaticlight.com/mhretro.htm (DIY MH kits)
http://www.aquatictech.com/lighting.html  (heard good things about these

Tom Brennan

| Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 14:42:03 -0500
| From: Jason Lukitsch <jasonlukitsch at hotmail_com>
| Subject: advice?
| Hello all, Im fairly new to the list and have a few questions.
| Im currently setting up a 200 gallon Tenecor 96-20-24 planted tank.
| My question regards 48" T8 lamps 32/40 watt along with a question about
| corresponding ballasts.
| Which bulbs and ballasts are people having good success with? Im
| probably going to run 16 bulbs total(8 per side). Would like  4
| lamps/ballast but seems the ballast factor drops proportionally to # of
| lamps. Are there more 32 or 40 watt varieties available in correct
| temperature rating? Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks ahead of time.
| Regards,
| Jason Lukitsch