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CO2 measurements

>>I do wonder though, if you could take a
sample of your tank water and let it sit
open overnight, could it be assumed that
there was no more than 2 ppm CO2 in the
sample? Then, if the pH difference
between the water in the CO2 injected
tank and the sample taken the night
before is not more than 1, then can one
assume there is less than 20 ppm CO2 in
the tank? In fact in general, can it be
said that if the pH difference in this
kind of test is less than 1 then your
fish won't be in any danger of CO2

Would running an airstone at night and taking a pH reading in the morning be 
a good starting point in the same way as above? I would imagine this 
dissipates much or most of the CO2 as well . . . ? So the calculation is not 
an absolute then, but relative? I was trying to go by the book on this one . 
. .