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uniform staining around leaf margins

I have been searching the archives and the Krib and all the other
sources I can find, but I have not found a description of what I have
going on here.

Leaves of some of my plants are starting to get a perfectly even rim of
"coffee stain" around the margins.  It first appeared on the banana
plants, but now I see it on the hygrophila.  Its most visable on the
underside, where the leaf color is lighter.  Its not a withering, and
the edges aren't being eaten away.  There are no holes in the leaves, or
lack of color in tissue or vein. Its just a discoloration that looks as
if the edge of the leaf has been lightly stained, and it outlines the
entire leaf, and is the same width all the way around. Nothing appears
to be dying off, and there is considerable new growth going on, too. 

I can't find anything like this on any deficiency tables.  Does anyone
here have a clue?

Tank has DIY CO2, 2.5 watts/gal, pH 6.8, temp. 78 and everything has
been going wonderfully since I defeated the BBA and got tons of previous
help right here.

Thanx to all!