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Re: Koi

on 11/25/99 3:48 PM, Aquatic Plants Digest at
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com wrote:

> My local fish stores (Denton/Victoria Aquatics in Carlisle, probably not
> very near where you are!) sells pretty good quality angels - mainly
> white and black but with the occasional tank of kois (anyone know if
> there's anything special about these?)
    These are LARGER relatives of the goldfish. Big, beautiful, cold-water
fish that really aren't suitable for long term life in anything smaller than
a pond. (They get to the point where they are too long to turn around in
most indoor aquariums, and this isn't kind to them at all. I believe that
they also share the goldfish's dietary preferences, and being big herbivores
are a poor choice for environments where keeping plants is a primary goal.