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CO2 Measurements & BBA again

>I currently have a 65 gallon tank with a wet/dry filter and pressurized C02 
>being fed at 15mg/ltr, according to the gauge.  I understand the 
>relationship of pH, dkH, and C02.  My pH is 6.8 and my dkH is between 3 and 
>4.  I also have peat in the substrate, which Tom Barr informs me will negate 
>the pH, dkH, and C02 equation.  So, my question is; if I test with a C02 
>test kit what readings will indicate adequate C02 in the water column?  
>Also, what exactly are these readings telling me?..i.e what readings show 
>too low C02, or too high C02?  My plants are doing extremely well, but I 
>only see pearling on the upper most leaves of my plants.  It makes me wonder 
>if more C02 might be helpful.  However, when I have gone higher than 
>15mg/ltr, the pH gets too low.

I am interested in information on this also. My tank measures between 2 and 3 
dKH and I began running a CO2 low-tech bottle today. (My battle on 
beard?/brush algae) My pH dropped from between 6.8 and 7.0 (where it usually 
sits, unfortunately, I didn't test before setting up CO2 bottle), to 6.4 and 
continued to drop. At that point, I realized I needed some way to regulate 
it, and used a t-valve from an airline flow control kit I had laying around. 
Nobody looked particularly distressed but calculated readings reached in the 
40 ppm range, which I realize is too high. The only pearling I saw going on 
was the beard?brush? infested sword which was bubbling quite a bit (but not 
the algae). I would have expected some of the fine-leafed plants to bubble, 
such as ambulia, but no cigar. I filter water through peat in a power filter. 
Can't figure out how peat would throw off calculations as it is supposed to 
soften and acidify water (which would affect pH but KH? or GH? I never 
actually checked this.

The black hairy stuff has now spread to a hygrophila plant, peculiarly (and 
profusely) on one leaf only.