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Sand and diatoms

By Damon

>>>>fresh-water fish tank. However, for a planted tank it is common to see
suggestions of sand-fluorite-gravel from bottom to top. It may be of
value to point out that some species of algae and diatoms utilize
silica. hence, by adding sand one might contribute to algification of
one's tank when trying your best to prevent it with other measures
(phosphate free fertilizer and buffers).<<<

This would sound to be correct, but I have not seen it in my tanks. I have
seven tanks that use sand in varying amounts. All have been set up over a
year. Some longer. I have no problems with diatoms. The only two with algae
problems are the ones sitting in a south window. I have three with sand
exposed to direct sunlight with no algae problem. 

I use pool filter sand which can be bought at most pool or spa places. 

As a note the two tanks with algae in the south window also have besides
sand, top soil, peat and manure in the makeup of the substrata.

Best Wishes,