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Re:Outdoor tank


Where are you located?  I have a all glass outdoor tank,  that goes thru 
mood swings.  It is unfiltered, exposed to direct sunlight. about 20 gals 
and is topped off with rain water only.

I have got 22 ottos and 2 guppies in it and they have not had any 
problems.  The water has been near pea soup before, but at worst now is 
green/cloudy, but you can always see thru the tank.  At the moment, it is 
crystal.  Doesn't seem so in the pics, but it is.  Check out my simple web 
site.  If you have any questions, I will be glad to help, but my replies 
might be delayed, as I am on the road at the moment.


At 03:48 AM 11/25/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 16:03:50 +0800
>From: "Joo Tan" <zoologist at mailcity_com>
>Subject: Outdoor tank
>Hi all,
>       I've got a spare 20 gallons tank and I'm thinking of setting up 
> another plant tank.  This time outdoor in order to see how plants grow in 
> a glass tank outdoor.  FYI, at the moment I've got a 55 gallons indoor 
> plant tank and  a 75 gallons fibre-glass tank laying outside in the 
> garden exposed to the full tropical sun for the whole day.  In 
> there(outdoor), at the moment, there are abundant sword plants(I do not 
> know the species name and it really grows to enormous size), gigantic 
> size aquatic ferns from the genus Ceratopteris, water wisterias, 
> ludwigias, elodeas and some unidentified plants.  The plants grow 
> succesfully because they are emersed.  Once emersed(except elodea), the 
> plants grow absolutely  fast and propogate like weeds.  I did not put any 
> substrate nor gravel for the plants as well as no fertilisers.  They are 
> only fertilised by the fishes.  85% of the tank surface are crowded by 
> those plants therefore no plant can survive below the water 
> surface(except elodea !
>which i allocate some area for them).
>       Back to the topic, now I want to setup an outdoor tank mostly meant 
> for true aquatic plants.  As the sun is too hot for the 20 gallons, I 
> will shelter the aquarium top from direct sunshine(this means the side of 
> the aquarium still receive full sunshine at certain time of the day.  If 
> this is the case, do you think the plants will have sufficient 
> sunlight?  I want to grow cabomba, ludwigia, elodea, water wistaria, 
> vallisnaria, swords, and others.  Plan to put soil obtained from plant 
> nursery and topped with gravel.  No CO2, aeration and filtration will be 
> provided.  Algae buster crew will consists of shrimps and a few pond 
> snails (later on, livebearers eg. molly).  I wonder these guys will do a 
> good job or not as I wanna keep my ottos indoor.  Actually, I've done 
> such setup umpteenth times previously but without ever successful at 
> getting rid of the green water.  I can't obtain any FW clams or mussels 
> so it's out of the question.
>     Any of you guys out there ever try keeping outdoor plant tank without 
> green water problem?
>Thanks in advance,

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