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Re: Peats substitues

Joo writes:

>  Now here's the main question, I wanted to add peats into my tank but they 
> are quite expensive.  I'm thinking of using dried leaves as a substitute.  
> The LFSs use the dried leaves of a kind of tree which are found abundant 
> for tanning the water.  Is it ok to add those leaves into the tank?  Is 
> any other cheap alternative?  According to some peat products description, 
> peats retard algae growth.  How concentrated should it be in order to 
> them without retarding my plants?
A number of Apistogramma keepers are using dried oak leaves in their breeding 
tanks with great success.  There are some leaves in the Souteast Asian area 
which are also good for this, but I am not certain which types they are.  
They should do okay in your tank, but may not give you all the advantages of 

Bob Dixon