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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1410 : quality angel suppliers

My local fish stores (Denton/Victoria Aquatics in Carlisle, probably not
very near where you are!) sells pretty good quality angels - mainly
white and black but with the occasional tank of kois (anyone know if
there's anything special about these?) I don't know who their suppliers
are , although I haven't actually asked yet :) but I had a very healthy
and beautiful pair for nearly a full year before they and the rest of
the tank unfortunately succumbed to some as-yet unidentified nasty
bacterial disease. I don't think they brought it with them or they would
have died earlier, and anyway they were perfectly healthy for that year
before becoming ill and dying within a week. Oh well, these things
Denton Aquatics carries some very laid-back looking blue/brown discus as
well in some VERY heavily planted tanks (I think that's how they make
them feel at home, or at least minimise the transport shock. Also the
tanks are about 10ft above the floor so people aren't peering in all the
Hope this helps & i'll try to find out the suppliers.
Yrs, Matt

Original Message:
>>Not really to do with plants but does anybody know where I can get
>>some decent Angel's in the UK? We seem to have become obsessed with
>>Discus over here at present and although they are very beautifulfish 
>>I simply do not have the time to give them the attention they would