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CO2 level

Hello folks! (once again)

     I've just came across this mailing list thingie recently.  All these years keeping fish without having the opportunity to share and discuss my fish and plant ideas/problems with fellow hobbyists has led me to post a few questions simultaneously that has lingered for quite sometimes in my mind. 

     You should know by now what's my tank setup consist of.  Well of course that's not my only tank but that is my first indoor plant tank with all the works.  I do not have a CO2 test kits and I wonder if my plants are getting sufficient CO2 or not.  My tank receive light for 10 hours(140 watts/55 gallons) and bout 6-7 hours later O2 saturation began(the O2 pearling from the plants began).  Since alot of O2 are being released, can i safely declare that the CO2 level are OK?

Thanks in advance.


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