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BBA and P

<< At the SeaChem site (http://www.seachem.com/) in the FAQ about
 "Freshwater Planted" there is an explanation of why the aluminum
 oxide (PhosGuard) cannot be renewed as well as a discussion
 about phosphate removers.

This discussion of phosphate removers seems to conflict with the information 
given on the Kent Phosphate Sponge container. The Seachem website states that 
the 2 phosphate removers are iron oxide and aluminum oxide. The Phosphate 
Sponge jar states that other products will release soluble aluminum compounds 
into the water, which their product does not, though it is white in color (as 
the faq reports the aluminum oxide products are). I inferred that it is not 
the same type of medium as the aluminum oxide . . . Unfortunately, Kent 
Marine took an early holiday, and I couldn't reach anyone there today to get 
more information on this, nor do they seem to have a web site. Forgive me for 
being ignorant on this matter, but does a ceramic medium contain aluminum 
oxide? I am a bit confused about the use of ceramic beads used in purifying 
and deionization and the "ceramic" medium in the phosphate sponge. . . It 
sounds suspiciously similar, and therefore would not be rechargeable. What 
are the possible consequences of this use in the tank? (I mentioned earlier a 
rise in pH and cloudiness)? 

Happy holidays all . . .