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BBA and P

<< I seriously doubt the wood is the source of P. Wood is a great
 substrate for BBA(and other algae) though.......it's like the glass, you
 have to clean it off every so often. Water changes, provided the source
 water is low in P is a great way to remove the P. Sea Chem makes a great P
 remover and I've been very happy with it. You'll need to run it (tank water)
 through(the filter /sump/canister/etc) slowly and keep up on maintenance. It
 gets hot at first. Read directions for use etc. There are other brands out
 there too. I like this one personally. >>

I tried the Kent Phosphate sponge which sounds similar to the Seachem. It is 
a ceramic medium which is supposed to adsorb phosphates/silicates. It is gets 
very hot upon first exposure to water. It is supposedly rechargeable, but 
they warn it may not be rechargeable with phosphate removal use. Two 
questions:  1. I found it raised my pH unacceptably. What would cause the 
rise in pH if it works as an adsorbent? 2. They suggest that renewal (for 
phosphate removal) "may or may not be possible". Barring further testing for 
silicate and phosphates (which I currently do not do), I would not know. Has 
anyone used and recharged this medium? I left it in place for 8 hours in both 
tanks and removed. I will not continue to use it on a 20 gal, since I can't 
afford the pH rise in that tank, but added new medium to the 55 gallon. It 
seems to suspiciously coincide with a case of cloudy water. I'm going to try 
CO2 addition on the 20 gallon. I have found two different "hairy" algaes in 
there, a short red growth, and a black growth, which is getting quite long 
(up to 1/2").

I appreciate any comments/suggestions on the above . . .