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Re: phosphorus andn phosphorus control

Roger wrote:

So from all this, there appear to be a couple things that can be done.
First and foremost is to feed the little beggers less.  Second is to be
sure that the food you feed is appropriate for the fish you keep, with no
more phosphorus than they need and with that phosphorus in a form that's
available to the fish.  It might even help if you keep some growing and/or
breeding fish in the tank as long as you feed them with a sufficiently
high-calorie diet.  Live bearers seem to be great for that.

I always held the assumption that high protein foods such as beefheart, 
brine shrimp, bloodworms, or Krill had the highest phosphorus and vegetable 
flake with low amounts of bone meal had the lowest levels. Is this not the 
case? I feed these to my fish to encourage spawning and color up the fish, 
and if I could do this without increasing phosphorus dramatically, it would 
sure make me feel better!

Robert Paul  H
winner of the StudyWeb Academic Excellence Award
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