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Sand in the substrate... (with UGF plate)

I am considering sand in my new 55G tank and I have
two questions:

1.  I read the archives and am now quite confused as
to  the brand and # to buy.  The only store available
here is Home Depot.  Could anyone please specify a
*brand* (I heard something from Texas???) and a #
(also, what does this number specify exactly???)  Is
there a difference in construction vs sand-blaster vs
other sand???

2.  For those who have a UGF (or RUGF) plate under the
sand...how do you keep the sand from going down under
the plate (is there a specific # on the sand..please
specify brand).
    I have heard of people using fiber-glass sheets???
(where can they be purchased??? and please mention any
specifics in terms of diameter of the holes and so
    Others I have heard use a thin layer right bellow
the sand which keeps the sand in place...anyone have
experience with that???  what material do you use???

Bonus question!
do you find it better to cover the sand with a thin
layer of gravel??? (especially for fish that like to
munch on the gravel and play around...and also does
the sand alone keep the plants rooted well--especiall
if you want to do some re-arrangements...

samm  Los Angeles
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