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With the recent discussion on worms, I too noticed worms in the 
substrate of my heavily planted 90g, shortly after cleaning some 
light B/G algae below the gravel line with a blade. The worms were 
very slender [less than 2mm], with many hair-like legs along the 
length of the body, which varied from 1" to about 3". the girth of 
the worms did not seem to vary with the length. More disturbing was 
the number of them that seemed to writhing around against the glass. 
Closer inspection seemed to indicate that they stick their heads 
slighty out of the gravel.

After a period of weeks, the worms seemed to disappear, [at least 
form the glass ] and after subsequent scrapings below the gravel 
line, and a major plant removal and re-adjustment, I have seen only 
one worm which was within the root system of a large sword.

After recovery from a bad case of the willies, I began to think that 
maybe these guys are at least providing some benefit by stirring up 
the substrate a bit.

Are these worms parasitic; what detrimental impact if any may they 
have [tank is in perfect health otherwise], and should I be concerned 
about any possible infectation of my own personage. [ I do not 
generally slurp from the tank, even though the prospect of sudden 
weight loss does make me think... :)))

Any insights would be appreciated.

Kevin McCall