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Amazon sword leaves became thin


I've newly setup a tank densely grown with all sort of aquatic plants.  I've got a few varieties of sword plants in there and I could not identify their species.  When they are newly bought, their leaves are broad and wide but after 2 weeks in my tank, the newly grown leaves became extremely thin.  

Other than this unusual symptom, I presume that my tank has sufficient lighting as my other plants are growing well such as the cabomba which need very bright light.  My tank has a DIY CO2 setting and my cabombas are releasing a substantial amount of O2.  I setup my tank 2 weeks ago and it has 2cm of JBL brand aquarium plants soil substrate together with 2 inches of gravel. 

Is this a symptom of nutrient deficiency or just that the thin leaves are a submersed form?  

Thank you in advance.


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