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Black brush/beard algae...

Anyone, please give me the secret to getting rid of this stuff!  I have 
tried using phosphate remover, but to no avail.  I do not fertilize.  I 
change the water every week, about 40 gallons or so.  here is a brief over 
view of my tank if it helps.
125gallon, 240Watts of light (cool whites and AGA lights = 8 tubes @3'each), 
an eheim 75 gallon, 2 fluval 203's, temp around 81 degrees, pH slightly 
acid, less than 10 degrees GH, two yeast set-ups.

As far as fish go: three 1-1.5" discus, marbled gibb (~3"), 18 glolites, 12 
ottocinclus, 1 redtail shark, an algae shrimp that doesn't eat algae but 
eats plants (holding babies right now, oh joy!), and a ghost shrimp.

I cannot get my hands on the hallowed SAE, so pleas any other options?


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