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I've noticed something that may be useful and I was wondering if others had
the same experience.  When I had driftwood in my tank I had constant high
levels of BBA.  After removing the driftwood and doing a thorough cleaning,
the BBA problems were lessened but not eliminated since it slowly crept over
the rocks and onto slow growing plants like Anubias and Marsilea.  I've
since removed the rocks as well and now have the tank planted exclusively
with cryptocorne and echinodorus species (plus some micranthemum) - all
relatively faster growing plants.  The BBA is in retreat and will soon be a
scourge of the past.  When it does appear on a plant leaf, that leaf is
usually ready to be trimmed anyway, so the BBA is easy to get rid of while
keeping the plants looking fresh.  The tank is more like a "Dutch" tank than
an "Amano" tank, but is so much easier to keep now.  I also like not having
stem plants that require constant trimming.  (65 gallon, PMDD, CO2, 3
watts/gallon 6500K MH, silica/topsoil substrate).