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C50's again

>> Wright, could you give a list of specific household bulbs which are
>> both well-designed and of "as good or better spectral
>> distributions"? This would be very useful information.
>"Chroma 50" (or "Schedule 50") and "Daylight" or "Wide Spectrum" are
>available almost everywhere. Cheap, too. Both are good, high-PAR designs,
>and in combination they give a pleasing color rendition, to boot. The former
>are popular for illuminating meat counters, for their extra red, and the

Don't think so. The C50 is reccommendef for applications where
color accuracy is important - graphics and photographic work,
or for treating seasonal depression.

SPX35 is the meat counter tube. It has lots of red. The C50 is
more of a "cool" or "blue" bulb which would make meat look natural,
not good and red and would probably kill meat sales :-)

>latter are useful store lighting where clothing colors, etc. are to be

I've only seen the Philips tri-something reccommned for clothes
osing to it's really low UV (UV bleaches clothes).The C50/vita-lite
(same thing really) has to be giving off some UV for it's claims
(helpd lizards make Viatmin D, treats seasonal depression) to have any merit.

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