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worm in tank

>"K Will" <steelwill27 at hotmail_com> wrote:
>>I pulled a worm out of my tank while cleaning it. It is about
>>1 inch long and skinny. It has some kind of sucker on it. It kept 
>> >>burying itself in the Gravel which explains why I never saw it 
>> >>before. I'm not sure what it is, can anyone help?
>You've just described what could be any number
>of parasitic worms.  Don't start drinking your tank
>water, and please wash well after playing around
>on the inside of your tank.  (Do you have any
>rosie rashes on your body, or notice any rapid
>weight loss lately?  ;-)))
>It could have come from any number of places...
><large snip>
>	--charley
>	charleyb at cytomation_com

This critter also sounds a whole lot like a comon leach.  Not a
great thing to have around, but not really a big deal IMO.  I have
tons of leaches in my pond which I am very certian came in on some
potted plants.  They swim quite fast and burrow, but have made no
attempt to attach to me when I clean the pond (which involves
a half hour or better of standing in the pond).

It is still good practice to wash up after working in the tank.

Hope this helps,
Matthew Shaffer

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