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Re: [none]

>>You should look for the Phillips
>'TL'D/90 de Luxe instead
>>My local Philips distributor sells the
>4' tube for US$22.50, special
>>order. It is imported from Europe.
>Doesn't this lamp require a preheat
>electronic ballast and is the
>appropriate ballast available in North

Good question. I got the reference for this bulb from a post in rec.aquaria.
I can't find the post anymore, but it was by a guy (in North America, I
think) that built his canopy and used these bulbs. Based on his reference
I visited the Philips European site to get the bulb's specs. I also 
went to a local Philips distributor (Commerce Electrical Supply in Timonium,
MD) and the guy found in his computer that the bulb can be ordered and got 
me the price for a 4' tube. I didn't research the ballast but I presume it 
can be ordered as well, otherwise why sell the tube in the first place ? 
But yes, it's an open item for research.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD