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Shipping fish

Way out of scope, but perhaps usefull. I'ce shipped or been involved in
shipping hundreds of killifish over the years, with few or no
problems. There are a few simple rules to follow.

1) The fish should be in good shape. 

2) It shouldn't have eaten in 24 hours.

3) Double bag it. Triple if it's a spiny little cichlid.

4) Get a "styro" - a styrofoam box that pet stores receive
fish in.

5) Put in a layer of styrofoam peanuts. Put the bag in the
middle, pur more peanuts in till it's full.

6) Tape the box well. Real well. Address is clearly and carefully.

7) Most people use the USPS with good results. Fed-Ex is the
fastest of course and this time of year, the weather being
what it is, might be the best, but certainly not cheapest,
solution. Fed Ex is a bit weird in that you have to call them
and tell the you're shipping tropical fish otherwise they
won't do it.

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