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Re: Re: fluorescent tube life-span

> Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 07:53:58 -0500
> From: "Cathy Hartland" <hartland at nfis_com>
> Subject: Re: fluorescent tube life-span

> Wright, could you give a list of specific household bulbs which are
> both well-designed and of "as good or better spectral
> distributions"? This would be very useful information.

"Chroma 50" (or "Schedule 50") and "Daylight" or "Wide Spectrum" are
available almost everywhere. Cheap, too. Both are good, high-PAR designs,
and in combination they give a pleasing color rendition, to boot. The former
are popular for illuminating meat counters, for their extra red, and the
latter are useful store lighting where clothing colors, etc. are to be
viewed. Tubes sold for such purposes with unstable phosphors are quickly
removed from the market as most customers never buy them again. For some
peculiar reason aquarists are much less picky.

There are quite a few others that should be in the Krib. I like many
tri-phosphors, and I suspect the new "Residential" is a sharp improvement
over "CW" but haven't actually run an actual spectrum on them, yet.


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