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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1404

> From: "Stephen Lindsay" <stephen_lindsay at lineone_net>
> Subject: Re: Wet/dry
> Hi Chuck,
> I was meaning the 'inviting' of anaerobic bacteria. I state this because
> from what I have read relating to growing aquarium plants, anaerobic
> conditions can actually favour plant growth more than the "normal"
> prescence of nitrates. If you want to

The references to Anaerobic bacteria in the "Roots" topic involved anaerobic
bacteria in the substrate.  The claims there are that ammonia is produced, 
and the plants prefer ammonia to nitrate.   I'm leary of intentionally
creating additional ammonia.  

Other references on the krib to anaerobic bacteria involve denitrator coils
and such connected to wet/dry filters were discussing the benefits due to
the removal of nitrate, therefore reducing tank nitrate levels, not to
benefit the plants.  In my case, I'm actually adding nitrate, so I certainly
don't want to remove any of it.  

My water changes are done on a weekly basis just to remove unknown (to me)
"bad things" that accumulate in the water, and to lower any nutrient excess
that builds up over time.   I have gone two weeks without any water change
(I've got an over-sized sump, so I don't even need to "top off" the water
to maintain the level) and I still couldn't measure nitrates.   I am worried
about possible excess phosphates, since I don't have enough Nitrate.  I've
started dosing with KNO3, so we will see what happens to my nitrate levels.