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Re: "naias grass"?

> Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 12:03:19 -0600
> From: Rebecca Allbritton <rda3507 at acs_tamu.edu>
> Subject: "naias grass"?
> I received some "naias grass" from someone who keeps killies, & all I know
> about it is that it needs a lot of light. I don't know the scientific name
> of it, and can't find a picture of E. najas (I think that's the spelling)
> that's listed at The Krib, so I don't know if that's what it is or not.
> I have posted a very fuzzy picture of a floating piece of it at
> http://www.angelfire.com/tx2/bubblenest/grass.jpg 
> Thanks for any clues.

It looks pretty much like *Najas guadalupensis* or a close relative, which
is often more weed than plant.

It tends to be quite brittle, and grows wild if given even modest light and
nutrition. Long white roots drop from floating segments and enter the
substrate, but it will root from any buried joint.

It's great cover for livebearer babies, and some of my more ravenous algae
eaters (*floridae*, springfish, other pupfish and Mexican mollies) love to
munch on it, ignoring algae duty. Can't teach 'em to "Just say no!" :-(


PS. I frequently throw armloads of it away from a 55G that gets a bit of
morning sun. Pretty good yard mulch.

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