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Shipping fish.

I need some advice on shipping fish, alive, at minimal expense. I poke
around in local aquatic ecosystems more than most and have found some
interesting little fish and plants not currently found in our circles. The
plants you know, the fish I found is a tiny striped round cichlid that is a
rapacious algae eater! I was emailed that it MAY be an African import to
our canals to control algae and is concidered now to be a low priority
invasive pest here in FL. If indeed this is the same fish. It is gentle and
rather shy (not as shy as dwarf cichlids) It has that rare quality of being
able to hang with the toughest (Jewel fish) AND gentlest (guppys) w/o
trouble.  It is NOT a digger! I use it as my nuclear weapon on a setup
mistake that becomes overrun with nightmare algaes. One fish decimates in
48hrs what it takes a platoon of SAEs to even dent!  

It has a particular taste for our WORST tank algaes (BBA, RHA,GHA even BGA)
but the one occasion I attempted to ship one to a lister, it died enroute.
The advice I am getting from the LFS comes at GREAT shipping cost. I think
it is geared to shipping MASS quantities at a 10% loss rate.  I only want
to ship ONE fish to IL. Has anyone done this kind of shipping with success
at lower cost? Please email me. 

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