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DIY sump/trickle filter


Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this one.  I just finished
making my trickle filter, and it was really easy.  I bought acrylic sheet,
precut to the sizes I wanted (I'd do it myself, but I live in an apartment)
and glued it together with #16 acrylic cement.  I then cut little pieces
with my Dremel and glued them it to support the drip tray, cover, etc.  The
trick is make a filter that is very well sealed, resulting in a minimum of
CO2 loss.  In the archives you'll find a note from George Booth on some
tests he did re: this topic.  I then used shotgun wadding for the media, and
now have myself a fairy nice wet/dry custom built to my specs.  Total cost
was about $65-$70.  As for using a sump-type system, I wholeheartedly
recommend it.  I've been doing it on my 100 for about a year now, and think
it's a great system, since it allows me to have all of my support equipment
out of the tank.  You'd be suprised how much flexibility not having to hide
a big heater gets you.

Justin Collins

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