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Hello,fellow aquarists,

I have a few doubts or questions  which I would like to clear.

1.Does flourecent tubes has a life-span?
2.Does substrate or liquid fertilizer has a life-span?How about
anti-chlorine liquid?
3What type of algae does flying fox eat?
4I recently reset-up my 120g tank which is about 2 weeks old,it has brown
colored aglae on it,what should I do?I have 160watts of lighting.
Well,I live in Borneo island (Sarawak).I found a type of moss of triangular
shape,I wonder if it is willow moss?
I also found a rhizome plant and a kind of creeper, I couldn't identify.The
rhizome plant is grown emerse on rock with reddish stem and dark green
narrow leaf.It has a cup shape flower.I wonder if it is C.bullosa mentioned
by Thomas Barr.
I found flying foxes in our stream too.I guess you can say it is a haven for
plant aquarists.Anyone of you happen to be in Kuching city,I would be glad
to show you around.

Aaron C