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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1398

>I have been contemplating the production of a sump to hold the heater and 
>>filter, etc.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  What would be the least I 
>>would need (i.e., overflow)?  I really don't like the idea of a trickle 
>>filter, but a sump sounds like a good alternative to take some things out of 
>>the aquarium.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
>>Thanks David

I used urethane foam blocks and some open cell foam in place of the wet/dry
section. It works well.
You could buy an overflow for about 30-50$ for a 300-400gph or you could
make your own or you could drill a hole in tank and put a bulkhead and
prefilter in the space.
I used the foam for awhile and then switched to the wet/dry then back to the
foam and then back to the wet/dry the final time(about 2 month runs each).
I liked the wet/dry results better. The water quality was better as was the
plants growth/fish health. I was also able to increase my fish load. Plants
do use O2. Adding a little extra CO2 for the wet/dry is worth it IMO. I can
easily add more CO2 but O2 is another story. You can also use the wet/dry
section for CO2 injection if you wish.
If this seems like a problem(sumps) ...........cover the heater with
something as to hide it such as a piece of wood/rock/bury it in the gravel
etc. .Use a canister filter instead of what your using. Add CO2 perhaps with
a glass diffuser/venturi filter return/intake of filter etc. These won't be
seen as much in your tank.
Sumps are convenient though. There's some outgassing with wet/dry but they
are great for plant tanks. It's a myth that they are bad for planted tanks. 

Tom Barr