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C. thwaitessi

>Can anybody tell me anything about C. thwaitessi? General care,
appearance...hard? easy?


(where there are some great pictures)

Cryptocoryne thwaitesii is not easy to cultivate. It prefers rather acid
making a soil mixture with beech tree soil appropiate for emersed culture. This
plant is hardly to keep in an aquarium. 
Differences with the closely related genus C. alba are the lenght of the
tube, the
spotted limb of the spathe, the pronouced tail of the limb and the texture
of the
leaves. But you must keep in mind that in C. alba the variation is very big. The
other close related species C. bogneri has the same texture of the leaves
but has a
rather short limb of the spathe. 

Jan D.Bastmeijer, 1 August 1998


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