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C thwaitseii

>Can anybody tell me anything about C. thwaitessi? General care, 
>appearance...hard? easy?
>Also, somebody on ebay was selling C. bullosa a couple of weeks ago...if 
>that person is out here, can you contact me?
>Robert Paul  H

Emersed , it is somewhat different than the submersed form. It looks like a
red wendtii in my tanks and care is similar. Emersed it's green.

BTW, C. bullosa is very, very rare and doesn't care for submersion. It's
rare even in Europe. It's from Borneo(Sarawak) and is blackish in color with
a dark flower.  
That is.............................**IF ** it is indeed C. bullosa which is
very, very unlikely if it's here in the USA. Definitely a crypt specialist
The pic he had on the Ebay wasn't of C. bullosa either. It's an old(very)
out of date pic of C. aponogetifolia or usteriana FWIW. I'd say
aponogetifolia myself.
Tom Barr