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Sword plant propagation..

Is there anything I can do to induce my Amazon sword to produce some
baby plants?  Early on, the sword produced 3 baby plants, but it hasn't
produced any in several months.  I have since moved the sword to a
larger tank.  Growth in the new tank is very good, with lots of new leaves,
very little algae.  New growth is nice and dark-green.

On a related note, I was able to propagate my first banana plant.  It 
produced a runner that grew to the surface, and a "lily pad" type leaf
formed.  After a few days, I clipped the stem of the runner, and left the 
pad floating.  After about 2 weeks, the base of the stem produced roots. 
I clipped the stem about an inch above the root (the lily pad was rotting
by this time) and planted the roots.  Now it's sprouted several new leaves
and appears to be growing like the other banana plants, except it's got
no bananas  (Yes, we have no bananas..).  How can I grow a new banana plant
WITH bananas?