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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1398

> I understand very well your desire to remove extraneous equipment from your
> tank. I assume this is a planted aquarium. Remember that you will degass a
> lot of CO2 with a wet dry as there is a tremendous amount of agitation to
> the water as it exits the overflow and hits the sump. I have kept reefs for

I'll accept that there is some loss, but bottled CO2 is cheap enough, I can
just increase the bubble count.  

> many years. There is also considerably more noise with a wet-dry, if that

Not mine.  On one side of the room, I've got a 29g tank with a Penguin 170.
On the other side, I've got a 75g, with overflow, wet/dry, and return pump.
The noise from the relatively quite Penguin 170 is louder than the 75g tank.
With a cover on the wet/dry, you can't hear the trickling.  And I've got a 
gate-valve on my overflow, which I use to control the rate at which water
goes from the overflow down to the sump.  I keep the water level just high
enough that it doesn't suck air, which is when it really makes noise.

> use Eheim 2217s and have them hooked up via the bulkheads on my tanks. I
> inject CO2 thru the intake of the Eheim. The heater fits in the overflow,

I like the easy maintenance of the wet/dry over the cannister.

> arrangement also helps limit water spillage in case of a filter leak, as the
> water level in the tank will never go below the level of the overflow in the

Unless my sump tank breaks, I don't need to worry about a filter leak!

> tank. A few gallons instead of 3/4 of the tank volume. A wet dry is okay for
> fish only, but you would be working against a growth promoting environment

again, if CO2 loss is the only concern, it's not a problem for me.

> for your plants with it. The only piece of extraneous equipment I have in my
> 125 gallon tank is the pH controller probe, as I feel an in tank reading is

With a high enough flow rate, is there really any difference?  I've got my
temperature probe in the wet/dry, and on the few times I checked, there was
no difference at all between the temp in the sump, and the temp in the tank.