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re: diy sump-trickle filter

I understand very well your desire to remove extraneous equipment from your 
tank. I assume this is a planted aquarium. Remember that you will degass a 
lot of CO2 with a wet dry as there is a tremendous amount of agitation to 
the water as it exits the overflow and hits the sump. I have kept reefs for 
many years. There is also considerably more noise with a wet-dry, if that 
type of thing bothers you. I was big into reefs for several years and had 
numerous wet-drys and drilled aquariums. When I started back into freshwater 
and got interested in planted tanks a drilled tank was just the ticket. I 
use Eheim 2217s and have them hooked up via the bulkheads on my tanks. I 
inject CO2 thru the intake of the Eheim. The heater fits in the overflow, 
and you can even place pH probes, etc., in them if you wish. I have the 
modular pipe returns pointing downward so as to not disturb the surface. 
Double tap valves allow the filter to be removed for servicing. This 
arrangement also helps limit water spillage in case of a filter leak, as the 
water level in the tank will never go below the level of the overflow in the 
tank. A few gallons instead of 3/4 of the tank volume. A wet dry is okay for 
fish only, but you would be working against a growth promoting environment 
for your plants with it. The only piece of extraneous equipment I have in my 
125 gallon tank is the pH controller probe, as I feel an in tank reading is 
more accurate. Hope this helps.


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