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Re: DIY Sump/trickle filter

>I have been contemplating the production of a sump to hold the heater and 
>filter, etc.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  What would be the least I 
>would need (i.e., overflow)?  I really don't like the idea of a trickle 
>filter, but a sump sounds like a good alternative to take some things out of 
>the aquarium.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
>Thanks David

I'm planning a sump in the same line as yours (no trickling water)
using a Rubbermaid-type storage box. Add a pump and hose for return,
a basket lined with sponge/floss to catch the water from the overflow 
hose, and there is your sump filter. Pond planting baskets have the right
shape and size (see for instance 
Home Depot sells them as well. I do not plan to use an overflow box (too 
complex to build, too expensive to buy, too clunky to operate), but have
instead the tank back pane drilled at the water level and fitted with a 
simple strained port.

A large box should provide plenty of space for holding the heaters, 
CO2 reactor, even the yeast bottle(s) if you use DIY CO2 (to keep the
bottles immersed in water at constant temperature).

Of course the above is just an outline, there are many details related to
redundancy and fail-safe operation.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD