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Lighting/ which ones?

I have a 20g H tank with an Eclipse 2 filtration system.  The Eclipse 2
only affords space for 2 fluorescent tubes, which limits the species of
plant I can keep due to the low light availability.  Foolishly, I
listened to store owners who told me that red hygro. and ludwigia rep.
should be fine.  They're not.  So I'm  starting over with some varieties
of crypts., anubias, and bolbitus which I researched at Tropica.  (Which
I should have done before!)  Now I'm looking to at least improve the
light quality with the space I have.  Currently I have:
    1 Panasonic 15w fluorescent 18" (beyond that I know little more, it
came with the setup)
    1 CORALIFE Nutri Grow 15w fluorescent 18" which claims a high output
of PAR however it doesn't say how much.  This cost me $23.

I have been told that 1 Vitalife and 1 Grow Lux is a good combination,
but I keep reading a lot of good things about Chroma 50's.  I'm
relatively new to this hobby, but eager to do it right.  Does anyone
have any advice?

TIA, Heather