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Re: Duckweed Predator

> Well, I don't see any reason to deliver ultimatums here.  I've seen this fish
> or a similarly-sized cousin twice before::: snip ::: Certainly a fish that old
> living in such a small space must not be suffering so badly or he wouldn't
>have made it so far.

First let me say that I'm not trying to start a flame war over this but I
feel rather strongly about this issue and I have to comment.

For every reasonable statement it seems that there is always somebody that
willl bandy an example about to show that it's "not true". It seems that
this list is no different.

This is yet another case of a _few_ individuals that have bucked the
overwhelming odds against them and won. How many their fellow bretheren
DIDN'T make it in the hands of unwitting hobbyists? A hundred? A thousand?

I stand by my origianl "ultimatum". If you cannot or will not house _any_
animal properly at it's adult size and for it's natural life span, do the
creature in question the biggest favor of it's life, leave it at the pet

There are lots of creatures that I find fascinating and would love to keep.
But in the end I am either unwilling or unable to provide properly for them.
I practice what I preach, and do not bring them home.

OK, I'm done now.

::: tossing my 2 into the box :::